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Farewell Mr. Jobs

I am a technology geek. I know this is shocking. Probably none of you could tell. It started young for me. When all of my friends were buying the first Atari I was saving up paper route money to buy my first computer (A Commodore Vic 20). I was an early adopter of Apple products. […]

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Ooh Shiny iPad 2

It took awhile for Apple to ship it to me but my iPad 2 finally arrived on Monday. Now I am not saying I rushed home at lunch like a complete salivating technology geek (okay, I did rush home and there might have been some drool) but when FedEx notified me it had been delivered […]

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New York Times Slapping Down the Paywall

They said they were going to do it and they have kept their word. Today, the New York Times slapped a paywall on their site effective March 28th in the United States (Canada gets a head start on the whole paying thing because, hell, whose afraid of Canada complaining). That intake of oxygen you heard […]

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Premiere Of "Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful"

Jon Bon Jovi Delusional Historian

I need to start this blog off with full disclosure. I think the music of Bon Jovi is at its best slightly more pleasing than someone running their fingernails  across a chalkboard. I think cats in heat have more musical talent than Bon Jovi. I admit there has been an occasional song that didn’t make […]

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Frak Off

Frak You Very Much Bing!

I probably shouldn’t write this post. My eyes are barely able to stay open. I am hopped up on NyQuil (although I have written some of my best blogs on that green elixir). I spent all day in bed yesterday and barely dragged myself into work today. I am exhausted and sad. I am unable […]

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Kindle 2

Brave New World of Publishing

I was gone for a whole two days. Did you miss me? Don’t lie I know you probably didn’t even notice I took a few days off. I couldn’t have picked a better day to not write my first blog in two years because I came home, ate my dinner, and fell asleep. I think […]

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I Am A Man Damn It!

I really wish I could be in the research and development meetings for some companies. I imagine some are quite interesting. I mean who wouldn’t want to be in the meeting when Lord Jobs invents iBrain. I am sure they are working on it. There are quite a few people out there who need a […]

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iPad App Policy Is A Killer

One of the reasons I love my iPad is that it provides me with the ability to get to almost all of my digital content in one place. Want to read a Kindle book, no problem hit the button. Is the Nook more your speed? Again no problem hit the button. I use Zinio for […]

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Early Adopters

Had an interesting tiny conversation with someone on Twitter the other day (I say tiny like it could be anything but tiny. It is Twitter after all). What sparked my interest was someone poking fun at early adopters of the iPad now that a new iPad is on the horizon. It really got me thinking […]

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Hey Apple! I’ve Already Forgotten

Some companies just can’t help themselves. They need to ratchet up the hype to levels where anything short of a zombie apocalypse seems like kind of a let down. Apple is one of those companies. I mean seriously, if you checked into their website yesterday and saw the note, “Tomorrow is just another day. That […]

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