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Horror Movie Favorites

I have always liked a good scare. Growing up in the Bay Area I was really lucky to have a show called Creature Features on every weekend. It was the highlight of my weekend and I started watching at a young age. I think by the time I was ten I had seen almost all […]

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Geeking Out Part 8….

It is that wonderful time where I share with you the lovely things which are making my geek heart do the tango. It has been a good month for reading. One of my best in a long time. Got a lot of novels read and liked quite a few of them. I am really trying […]

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Are We Not Entertained

Watched Joaquin Phoenix’s I’m Still Here today. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie it was Mr. Phoenix’s strange attempt at a fake documentary. A documentary which shows Joaquin blow up his career and have his life spiral out of control. Many people suspected a hoax when he first started but the longer he […]

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I Am Not A Crook

> I am an honest person. If I see someone drop some money on the ground I return it. If the grocery store forgets to ring something up I point it out. I am sometimes brutally honest when people ask me questions (I try to make sure I let people know that before I answer). […]

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Embrace the Inner Geek

I fought it for a long time growing up, my inner geek that is. I spent much of my early years of childhood (up until about age 11) trying to fit in. Be like every other kid in my school. I was athletic and it allowed me to hide amongst the so called popular kids. […]

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A Geeky Theory

I am afraid to use the word “geek” because it is almost trendy now. Growing up being called a geek or a nerd was an insult, now it is a badge of honor. In fact, I think you can buy badges to proclaim your geekiness and stick them on your clothes. I think the new […]

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bettie lep

Violence is Bad, Nudity is Wonderful

I truly do not understand the hang-up about nudity in the United States. For a country that likes to pretend we are very progressive, we have some major psychological issues. I wonder sometimes if people realize that the year is 2009 and that we don’t all have to be Puritans. If it isn’t obvious, I […]

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The Rising

Zombie Love!

> I know exactly when my fascination with zombies started. I was nine years old and my mom was as usual over at a neighbors house partying. I was suppose to be asleep but I wasn’t. I was doing what I always did. I had snuck down to the TV set and turned on Creature […]

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